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Violina di Rugosa Squash

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Cucurbita moschata

Violina Di Rugosa, a butternut-type squash, gets her name from her violin-like shape, though we could say many of the fruits also resemble a peanut. This population is still quite diverse, producing a range of squash sizes with slight differences in colour and skin texture on vines that do like to sprawl. The quality of the flesh inside however seems to be quite consistent in it's texture and flavour. The deep orange, dense flesh isn’t overly dry or watery, and the seed cavity is proportionately small, providing a greater amount of flesh. When cooked, Violina Di Rugosa has a creamy, smooth texture and a sweet, savoury flavour similar to butternut squash, but with a deeper nutty undertone. It by far makes the best soup - delightfully pillowy if we may say so - of all the squashes we've grown. Cured, the fruits have good storage ability. One of the most popular varieties of squash in southern Italy, and for good reason. 100 days to maturity.

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