Our Seeds

At Kitchen Table Seed House our vision is of family and friends gathered around the table sharing garden-fresh meals. To that end, we strive to help you have a successful growing experience.


We maintain regular cycles of germination testing and ensure the seeds we offer exceed the requirements of the Canadian Seed Act.


All our seeds are certified organic by Ecocert Canada.

We do not sell genetically modified seed nor do we breed using genetic engineering. All our breeding work is done using traditional, in-the-field plant breeding techniques - often requiring many painstaking (yet so fun!) hours of hand pollinations.

We offer open-pollinated seed, meaning you can save their seeds in your own garden.

We currently grow over 75% of our seed varieties and buy in the rest from certified organic seed farmers we trust. We are better able to offer high quality seed of some of the crops that grow better seeds in other climates - like carrots in the Canadian west coast - then growing them with moderate to low success here. However, we've personally grown all of our offerings in our kitchen gardens to ensure they grow well, they're tasty and we like them.

We do the bulk of the work that goes into growing our seed. We grow, select, rogue, harvest, clean, germ test and pack our own seeds. We are working towards offering bulk amounts, particularly for farmers. Contact us if you're interested and/or looking for bulk amounts.