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Salmon Sunset Four O'Clock

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Mirabilis jalapa

Warm-toned pink and apricot colour, Salmon Sunset is very fragrant and so eye-catching you'll find yourself drawn to it irresistibly at dusk in the evening garden. The blooms open as the sun goes down (hence the name) and remain all night, perfuming the air and feeding night time pollinators. Plants grow to about 3 feet tall, and do like full sun and a well drain area in the garden. They start blooming early in summer all the way to fall. They will form large, black seeds in the centre of their flowers - be sure not to eat these as they are said to be poisonous if ingested. Tender annuals, can be started indoors before the last frost or directly seeded into the garden after chance of frost. 80 days to maturity.

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