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Rosetta's Calabrian Pepper

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Capsicum annuum

This variety came to us in the form of a few dried peppers in a box from Rosetta Costantino in California. She generously shared some of her summer harvest with us after we long searched for the seed. A local chef had been asking about a Calabrian hot pepper he has worked with in the past that had just the right amount of heat with a very nice flavour. Fast forward a few seasons and here we have on offer a popular hot pepper from the Calabrian region of Italy. It packs a moderate, just-perfect bite in terms of heat, at least for us. The plants produce an abundance of upright peppers that are easy to harvest and will keep pumping out fruits until the frost. The green fruits can also be harvested for less heat and a bit more of a citrusy flavour. We love them. 95 days to maturity.

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