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Norli Snow Pea - Heirloom!

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Pisum sativum

Before the popularity of sugar snaps, this was the first pea that didn't have to be shelled but could be eaten pod and peas all at once. It is extra early, cold tolerant, and produces 3" long light spring green pods on shorter vines that still benefit from being trellised. Pick your peas regularly to extend the harvest window and get the peas at their best. Frank especially loves these peas steamed and smothered in cream sauce eaten on toast. 50 days to maturity.

In the kitchen

An old country spring-time tradition; lightly sauté peas in butter, salt and pepper and a splash of heavy cream. Reduce for a minute and then serve on thick toasted country bread. This unassumingly delicious dish can be made with snap or shelling peas, and can be dressed with fresh herbs if desired.

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