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Renegade Red Pepper - Farm bred!

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Capsicum annuum

Early, predominantly red and blocky peppers, occasional yellow pepper, all selected for great flavour.  

These peppers are among the earliest bells to ripen on the market. Renegade Red is genetically diverse and not completely uniform and so retains the potential to further adapt to your garden or farm if you wish to save the seeds. Every now and then someone, somewhere, will get a surprise yellow pepper plant growing within the population, equally early. Some variation in shape remains, though the majority of fruits are blocky shaped. We're currently working on stabilizing a uniform strain of early, blocky yellow peppers to be released in the near future. Bred and selected cooperatively, in and for organic growing systems, by us at Kitchen Table and three other farmers across three farms in Ontario - Greta Kryger, Rebecca Ivanoff and Kim Delaney - with the support of Cornell University's Michael Mazourek and the Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario’s Farmer-led Research Program. 62-75 days to maturity. We have pledged this variety with OSSI.

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