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Lucid Baby Mix Tomato

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Solanum lycopersicum

This mix came out of selections of off-types we noticed the first year we grew Brad Gates' Lucid Gem tomatoes. We like the result of the mixed population more than any singular line that has come out of this mix and so we decided to release it for you all try too. A range of sizes from small to large cherries with also a range of colours, bicolours and flavours from mild to very sweet! All are very productive and and hold well on the plants. It's a fun mix! 75 days to maturity.

In the kitchen

In midsummer when the tomatoes are coming on strong, mix these sliced cherry tomatoes with sliced peaches, feta, green onion and olive oil. We ate this salad for weeks and weeks during the summer. A quick and delicious through-together.

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