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Double Density Lettuce

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Lactuca sativa

This loosely formed romaine is crispy yet tender with medium green leaves mottled with red splashes. Bred by Frank Morton, it boasts of great Downy Mildew resistance and heat tolerance - it held up very well for us in this summer's heat. Pretty and practical. And tasty. Eat it with a dressing or vinaigrette -it holds up well to both. 60 days to maturity. This is an OSSI-pledged variety. Photo by Wild Garden Seeds.

Planting Tips

Whether seeding into a pot or directly into the garden, be sure not to bury the seed too deep. Cover the seed lightly; approximately 1/8" with loose soil and pat down gently. Keep the soil consistently moist until the plants emerge. Being heat sensitive, lettuce will usually germinate best below 24 degrees Celsius.                      

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