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di Lusia Radicchio

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Cichorium intybus

We've heard it said that radicchio might possibly be the most beautiful vegetable of all, and we agree it is definitely in the top ranks! This gorgeous, variegated heirloom radicchio produces delicious, mild flavoured and crisp textured heads. The leaves become more pale as you peel towards to center, revealing a beautiful speckling of pink on cream-coloured leaves. This is an early maturing radicchio for summer or fall harvest - and great for the beginner eater of radicchio as it is low on the bitter scale of radicchio. They make a splendid grilled vegetable drizzled with a few drops of balsamic vinegar and big salt flakes. 85 days to maturity.

Note: These seeds are not certified organic - we are currently working on our technique for growing its seed ourselves and in the meantime thought we would offer up the seeds we are using ourselves in the process of bringing them under certification. Seeds are untreated and open-pollinated.