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Costata Romanesco Summer Squash - Heirloom!

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Cucurbita pepo

This Italian heirloom squash has a distinctive outer skin with prominent ribbing along the length of the fruit. Fruits can grow up to 15" long though it is typically harvested at 6". Costata consistently offers a tender texture with a sweet, nutty flavour. Definitely the best tasting zucchini out there, we think. The large-leaved, semi-vining plants offer lighter yields than the hybrids, but with much better flavour and texture that is delicious both raw and cooked. Also a good producer of male blossoms that are great for frying and add a delicate flavour and texture to salads and pasta dishes. 50 days to maturity. 

In the kitchen

Cut circles of squash and fry in in a bit of oil in a pan. They can be lightly battered with flour and salt and pepper first if desired. Serve them hot topped with warm red pepper sauce and basil pesto (or any type of pesto) and parmesan shavings. Scrumptious. 

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