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Cascade Ruby-Gold Flint Corn

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Zea mays 

Bred in and for organic systems by Carol Deppe, this very early, productive flint corn is superb for cornbread, johnnycakes, and polenta. Plants grow to 5 feet high with 1 to 3 ears per stalk depending upon spacing and soil fertility. Ears are between 8-12 inches long with 8-12 rows of big seeds that dry down easily. Plants can develop a single stalk or multiple stalks depending upon spacing and soil fertility. Good husk coverage for protection against birds and worms. Very vigorous. Did very well in 2020 on the farm, even after hail storm damage broke many of the main stalks. Produces solid-coloured ears of several colours—reds, oranges, golds, and yellow.  Recipes for cornbread, johnnycakes, and polenta made with this corn can be found in Carol Deppe's book, The Resilient Gardener: Food Production and Self-reliance in Uncertain Times. Although bred primarily to be gourmet-quality food, Cascade Ruby-Gold Flint also makes a great ornamental corn. Bred to be the ultimate survival crop, the variety of flint if you could have only one variety to get you through good times and bad. 85 days to maturity. An OSSI-Pledged variety.  

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