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Hanson Lettuce - Heirloom!

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Lactuca sativa

On the Slow Food USA Ark of Taste list, Hanson Lettuce was imported into Maryland in 1800 and there improved by the Hanson family. The variety became and remained popular until long-distance shipping became the norm and it was replaced with other less tender but shippable modern varieties. The plant is compact and will form a large head if not cut —the outer leaves are bright yellowish green, broad, somewhat crumpled and frilled at edge and with a distinctive midrib. The inner leaves are white, very crisp with a touch of sweetness. Cold-hardy, it's a great first lettuce to plant in the garden. We love it for its tenderness. Ideal on a burger or in a sandwich. 75 days to a full head maturity, but can be cut earlier.

Planting Tips

Whether seeding into a pot or directly into the garden, be sure not to bury the seed too deep. Cover the seed lightly; approximately 1/8" with loose soil and pat down gently. Keep the soil consistently moist until the plants emerge. Being heat sensitive, lettuce will usually germinate best below 24 degrees Celsius.

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