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Black-Seeded Simpson Lettuce - Heirloom!

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Lactuca sativa

The classic first lettuce of Spring, this heirloom boasts frilly, spring-green leaves that grow quickly and tolerate the cold well. Once the heat of summer kicks in, it starts to want to reproduce and so becomes a little bitter to taste. Definitely best to plant in Spring and Fall. Its airy and crispy leaves add a bit of volume to your first green salads of the season; we like it dressed with a light vinaigrette; oil and lemon juice never seem to tire in our kitchen.

Planting Tips

Whether seeding into a pot or directly into the garden, be sure not to bury the seed too deep. Cover the seed lightly; approximately 1/8" with loose soil and pat down gently. Keep the soil consistently moist until the plants emerge. Being heat sensitive, lettuce will usually germinate best below 24 degrees Celsius.

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