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King Mix Strawflower

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Helichrysum bracteatum

King Mix is a special selection of large-flowered, extra double strawflowers that grow atop tall and sturdy stems. The tallest among Strawflowers, between 3-4 feet tall. The mixture is a great choice for cut flower growers, giving a superb array of brilliant colours, including fiery red, dark pink, rose, copper, gold, yellow and white. Also popular as dried flowers for bouquets and arrangements as they offer texture and colour for many months after harvest. Just be sure to cut the flowers when they are in bud, just before the centres open. Start plants indoors 7 weeks before last frost. The flowers bloom from mid-summer right up to frost, prefer full sun and will do well in poor to average soils. They tolerate heat and drought conditions well too. Annuals, 75 days to maturity.

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