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Feuer Kugel Beet

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Beta vulgaris

This beet comes to us from the Ontario Vegetable Seed Producers Network where it was introduced by our friend Rebecca Ivanoff after she found a bag of old seeds on a shelf at Whole Circle Farm. Excited by the praise it received from Johann and Maggie, she grew them out and was impressed with what she saw. We agree, and it's quickly becoming a staple on our farm. Meaning "fireball", this is German beet performs with consistency. The sweet, deep purple roots have smooth skin and offer the occasional pale pink stripping inside that tends to disappear when cooked. A solid, reliable beet that is great for fresh table use and makes an excellent keeper in storage. Ideal eating size 2-3" in diameter. 60 days to maturity. Photo credit to our friends at Fruition Seeds.

In the kitchen

Once boiled or roasted, toss the cooked beets in a little olive oil, apple cider vinegar and fresh dill. Crumple feta cheeses on top for a salty/sweet contrast. 

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