Planning Your First Kitchen Garden - Start Small

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Planning Your First Kitchen Garden - Start Small

It is easy to get carried away this time of the year while flipping through seed catalogs and/or perusing on-line sites for all manner of exciting seeds.  If you are a new gardener it's important to plant what you have time and energy to manage. It's easy to get overwhelmed if you take on too much.

A plan is a good idea; measure out the space for your new plot and decide if a raised bed makes the most sense or if planting directly into the soil is a better idea. Maybe you are lucky enough to have a prepared bed from a previous gardener. Make a list of what you would like to grow and sketch out a plan with adequate spacing between plants and crops.

Last year my daughter Jenny started her first garden by planting Centennial Rocket tomatoes into several large pots on her back porch. This variety is early and a smaller plant than many of the others - a good choice for containers. She also planted a 4' by 4' raised bed in her backyard. Dividing it into 4 quadrants, she direct seeded Jester lettuce, Smooth German kale, Mammoth Melting snow peas (they need a trellis or you can plant them up against a fence), and Danvers 126 carrots. In no time she was enjoying fresh salad greens and munching on snow peas. As your skills and experience grow add new crops. You will soon discover favourite varieties for "fresh from the garden eating".  

If you're unsure which crops to start with, check out our Beginner's Bundle. It includes 5 crops that are easy to grow, making a delicious first harvest ever more likely!

Happy garden planning!


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